GP – Introduction

Loving Memory of Christopher

In Loving Memory of Christopher

I created this site when my Husband Christopher was first diagnosed with Gastroparesis.  I was trying to find a cure & also provide support to others who loved someone with GP.

Christopher passed away on 10/1/15 suddenly and unexpectedly.  He was my best friend, my soulmate and my entire world.  I am lost without him and so are his family and friends.

He was an Inventor, a Theorist, and Outdoors Adventurist.  He also was a very generous person and a few weeks ago asked me to share on this site another supplement he was trying to help his GP symptoms.  Christopher was a fighter, a GP survivor, an animal lover, a good friend and loving husband.  I will miss him every day of my life and will love him always and forever.  – Leesa

In Memory of Christopher donations can be made to G-Pact (Gastroparesis Patient Association for Cures & Treatments).


What is GP?

GP is short for Gastroparesis. GP is a chronic debilitating life-changing, life-long condition for which there is no cure.  Gastroparesis literally means that the stomach is paralyzed and food does not get processed correctly – thus resulting in a slew of medical problems. **

My husband  has GP as a result of damage to the vagus nerve during two da Vinci surgeries (Fundoplication Wrap and Vagotomy).  GP can cause the following conditions: Wasting Syndrome, Nesioblasitosis (low blood sugar with high diabetic levels), Endocrine Deficiencies, Dumping Syndrome, Chronic Esophageal Spasms, Hydrogen Bacterial Stomach Infections, Malnutrition and even death. My loved one now has all of these life changing conditions (except the last one because he is a fighter).

Why this site?

There are only a few sites on GP that I found useful and I list these in the Resources page. Some of these sites have good information on GP and treatments to try and other sites have heart breaking stories about personal experiences of those who have GP and have to find a new way to live.  The challenge for someone with (GP) is life long and can be very difficult. Humans need to eat food to survive but food and even liquids are the enemy when you have GP.

The journey for those who love someone with GP is unique and there isn’t enough support for it. My intention for this website is to help all of those that love someone with GP.

It’s time now to stay strong and continue supporting the person you love with GP until there is a cure!

– Leesa – Site Creator and a person who loves someone with GP

** I am not a Doctor. The information on this site is just my opinion and you should be seeing a qualified health care provider for GP.