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Organic or Not?

Woke up early today and my first thoughts were on breakfast and if there was anything I could think of to feed my husband that won’t make him sick.  It ended up not mattering what I thought or worried about because upon waking up he sat on the couch and was immediately sick.  Sick before a drop of water even entered his mouth.  Sick before the morning coffee was even drank. Sick before food was even an option.  Feeling helpless as usual and very broke as well I concentrated now on the expense of all of the organic dairy products I have been buying hoping it helps his stomach.  Truth is nothing does.  Organic doesn’t make a bit of a difference – even though I like the taste better.  The only Dairy product that is even a little tolerable is Lactaid Milk (yicky to me but I’ll force myself to drink it).  For some reason he is lactose intolerant now that he has GP.  No Dr. or Nutritionist knows why.  It’s just the way it is.  So, for now on we’ll be saving money not buying organic.  If only they made a lactose free creamer.

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Thanksgiving Blues

I intended to have my first post on Thanksgiving day but if you live with someone with GP or have it yourself then you know that any Holiday where food is involved (which ones arent?) can be a challenge.  This is the 3rd Thanksgiving with my husband since he got GP from a surgery gone bad.  This was the 3rd year in a row that our meal made him violently ill where he had to remove himself from all festivities.  This year we had Thanksgiving alone and he had to go off to bed very early – around 7 pm.  I spent the night very lonely but grateful to my pets for their company.

Thanksgiving is just another day that consists of food.  Food is the enemy in my household and until there is a cure this is just the way it’s going to be.

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