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Seeking Answers, Seeking Cures

Be patient with all that is unresolved in your heart.
And try not to love the questions themselves.
Do not seek for the answers that cannot be given,
For you would not be able to live them,
And the point is,
to live everything.
Live the questions now,
And perhaps, without knowing it,
You will live along some distant day
Into the answers.

– Poet Rainer Rilke

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Post Holiday Blues

Well, Christmas and New Years went by without me posting.  Those are two Holidays I’d like to forget.  As we start a new year I am optimistic that there is a possibility of a Fundoplication Take-Down for my husband. I created an entire page dedicated to that topic and am reaching out to try to find others who had it done and are better.

The road on this journey has just begun.   Testing begins in a few weeks at one of the best hospitals in Southern California. It is a 200 mile (one way) trip for us and we’ll be travelling several times a month.  We hope to discover that he is a candidate to get this awful stomach wrap taken off.  If there is even a slight chance it will relieve his daily pain and living hell then its worth it.  As he puts it “I’d rather die of esophageal cancer than a slow death of malnutrition“.  It sounds rough but unless you live your life on a daily basis unable to eat or keep any food down then you too might choose the risk of cancer over dying from not being able to eat.  Have you ever had the stomach flu so bad that while throwing up you gasp “I’d die if I had to live like this”  ?  Well, imagine that 100 times worst because its every day all day long – even when you only drink dang water.  It’s a condition I would not wish on my worst enemy (not that I have any).


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