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Eating for Gastroparesis: Guidelines, Tips & Recipes

Eating for Gastroparesis: Guidelines, Tips & Recipes is a practical, easy-to-understand resource for managing gastroparesis symptoms via dietary modifications. Written by Gastroparesis Patient-Expert and Certified Health & Nutrition Counselor, Crystal Saltrelli, this indispensable guide answers the most frequently asked questions about eating for gastroparesis and provides over 50 GP-friendly recipes.


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Eating for Gastroparesis: Guidelines, Tips & Recipes includes:

– The six guidelines of a gastroparesis-friendly diet
– A detailed list of gastroparesis-friendly foods
– Tips for enhancing nutrition
– Answers to the most frequently asked questions
– More than 50 safe and simple recipes — including soups, smoothies, breakfasts, desserts, and family-friendly dishes

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Treatments for GP

Visit the following pages on my site  for more information on the research I have done on the treatment of GP:
~ Prescriptions for GP ~
~ GP Diets ~
~ Medical Procedures for GP ~

Below is a popular list of treatments mentioned in various sources for Gastroparesis.  Always seek professional medical advice about any treatment or change in diet if you have GP.

Prescriptions: Erythromycin although an antibiotic, it also helps digestion (didn’t work for my loved one though), Domperidone and Antiemetics – to avoid vomiting.

Diet changes:  Smaller meals, liquid meals, low-fat diet, low-fiber diet

Other Medical Procedures:

  • Endoscopic injections – for bezoars
  • Feeding tube (jejunostomy tube) – a tube directly into the intestine bypassing the stomach; severe cases only
  • Intravenous feeding (Parenteral nutrition) – severe cases only; often for temporary relief in hospitalization



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New Device to Help Gastroparesis Patients (video)

Imagine if you couldn’t even eat a sandwich without getting sick to your stomach…that’s what happens to patients with gastroparesis, which paralyzes the stomach so it can’t function normally.  There’s no known cure, but a new kind of device gets it pumping to help patients beat the nausea.

~ Click for Video ~

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GP and Disability

This forum recently had information on Gastroparesis being a chronic debilitating disease for which many people are disabled from.

Click Here to go to the Forum: Help I have Gastroparesis

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B12, Tongkat Ali, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Fish Oil and more

Vitamins and Supplements that can help in treating Gastroparesis:


Tongkat Ali

Acetyl L-Carnitine & Alpha Lipoic Acid have both been studied recently as an agent that impacts mitochondrial functions, which is thought to play a significant role in peripheral nerve injury related pain.  It can improve neuropathic pain, particularly stomach pain due to damage of the vagus nerve.*

Fish Oil / Omega 3 Fatty Acids have also been shown to have an integral role in the health functioning of nerves and showing improvement of painful symptoms of neuropathic pain.*

* Talk to your Health Care Provider about the recommended dosages and do your own online research.

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Is Organic Milk Better for Your Family? (Dr. Oz Mag)

I read a great article in Doctor Oz Magazine but can’t locate it on his site  It was titled “Is Organic Milk Better For Your Family?” – article by Chrisite Aschwanden

Organic farming is better for the animals and the earth.  If you are concerned about toxins then buy organic milk for peace of mind.  Non-organic milk can have Growth Hormones, Antibiotics and Pesticide residue and is less nutritious.

Some people with Gastroparesis only drink organic milk but others have extreme dairy allergies or intolerance due to Gastroparesis.  We prefer the dairy-free regular milk since it digests well but the taste of organic milk to me is much better than non-organic or dairy free.

It’s worth noting that Raw Milk which has no pasteurization can cause you to get sick 150 times more likely than drinking pasteurized milk.  This is according to the CDC.  It’s best to not give children or those that are ill with digestive problems any Raw Milk.


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Consumer Products for GP

This is a list of some Commercial Consumer Products that state they are Natural Solutions for GP.  We have not tried them but are providing some information on them.

This chart is from the Towards Natural Health Organization Website:

Commercial Name of the Product
The Company or Institute that Makes the Product
Official Product Website
Gordon’s Herbal Research Center (New Zealand)
Solutions by Nature (Denmark)
Healing Plants Ltd (Australia)

This Site gives a good GP Product overview:


This is the best performing product in our view for Gastroparesis.
see more
Perteton came a very close second in our review. Though it might be placed in the first slot if evidence gets too compelling. see more

A fine product with many advantages. The third position was hard to justify. Another close contest! see more

Due to some failure or incomplete results we had to put Segratax at no.4. see more

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