Is Organic Milk Better for Your Family? (Dr. Oz Mag)

I read a great article in Doctor Oz Magazine but can’t locate it on his site  It was titled “Is Organic Milk Better For Your Family?” – article by Chrisite Aschwanden

Organic farming is better for the animals and the earth.  If you are concerned about toxins then buy organic milk for peace of mind.  Non-organic milk can have Growth Hormones, Antibiotics and Pesticide residue and is less nutritious.

Some people with Gastroparesis only drink organic milk but others have extreme dairy allergies or intolerance due to Gastroparesis.  We prefer the dairy-free regular milk since it digests well but the taste of organic milk to me is much better than non-organic or dairy free.

It’s worth noting that Raw Milk which has no pasteurization can cause you to get sick 150 times more likely than drinking pasteurized milk.  This is according to the CDC.  It’s best to not give children or those that are ill with digestive problems any Raw Milk.


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