Research and Questions on Dilation:

Can the vagus nerve can be damaged due to Dilation?  I asked the GI Dr. and he didn’t say yes or no – just dodged the question. I don’t think he really knows but he does recommend it. I can’t find anything online if this is a risk or not but it is a concern of mine.

Below are some related Dilation Articles.  I haven’t read much about the success of it – on whether or not it really helps or not.  **

Dilation After Fundoplication Can Resolve Postoperative Dysphagia
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Dilation may also relieve chest pain and swallowing difficulty in patients who suffer from esophageal spasm.  Read More

What are the Potential Complications of Esophageal Dilation?

Although complications can occur even when the procedure is performed correctly, they are rare when performed by doctors who are specially trained. A perforation, or hole, of the esophagus lining occurs in a small percentage of cases and may require surgery. A tear of the esophagus lining may occur and bleeding may result. There are also possible risks of side effects from sedatives.

It is important to recognize early signs of possible complications. If you have chest pain, fever, trouble breathing, difficulty swallowing, bleeding or black bowel movements after the test, tell your doctor immediately. Read More

** This is just research information I found online and I am not recommending it.