Reversal – Take Down Surgery

Nissen Fundoplication Reversal / Take Down Surgery / Revisional surgery (redo fundoplication)

This is information about having the Nissen Fundoplication Wrap reversed, partially taken down or loosened.  I have found many forums where sufferers of the Nissen Wrap are looking for help for their daily pain and inquiring on potential reversal/take down surgery of the wrap but no consolidated area for all of this information.

The Questions I am Exploring:  
– Who does these surgeries?
– What is the success rate and how do the patients feel afterwards?

I am exploring all of these options to try to help my husband determine if this surgery is a good option.  It would appear to me that it can’t be any worst than the feeling of dying that he is experiencing now with his inability to swallow even water, can’t burp, has gastric gas syndrome, dumping syndrome, failing endocrine system and oh yes Gastroparesis as well.

Below are some links and comments with information worth exploring.  I plan to join these forums and follow-up with these people to see how they are feeling. I am wishing them wellness as I write this and hope they are on the road to recovery!!

Note:  A bunch of dots ….. just means that there is more text to be found when you click on the Read More link.   The text in quotes are taken from either a forum or website discussing any of these surgeries: Nissen Fundoplication Reversal / Take Down Surgery / Revisional surgery (redo fundoplication).  

  •  This person was going in for Nissen Reversal / Take Down Surgery.  This is text taken from aforum
    “I’m going in to have my Nissen Takedown surgery next Tuesday 9/18/12. Why am I having this done or rather “undone”? I had the Nissen Fundoplication on 7/6/12 and have been miserable since. ”  Read More
  • Post titled Does reversal of nissen take a long time to recover?   “I had nissen done 11 years ago. If I knew now what I didn’t know then I would have never had the operations. Since that time I have a lot problems with bloating and discomfort. I thought it was something I had to live with because of not being able to burp. In the last year I’ve had my gallbladder and my large colon removed. Now I’m being told I have Profound Bloating Syndrome and my small bowel is distending just like my large colon. By the time studies were done on my large colon it was too late. Now I’m going in for a take down of my nissen procedure that was done 11 years ago and they are trying to decide if it should be done by scope or open because of the concerns of scar tissue.” Read More
  • Questions regarding my Nissen Fundo Take Down I had the surgery on Jan 18/05 and I knew within one month it was a huge mistake. I was in terrible pain from the bloating, as I still had the urge to vent my bloating through burps as I did before but the fundo wrap wouldn’t allow me too. I suffered terribly until March 18th when I had the surgery reversed, we’ll almost, the surgeon could only take it down to a 180% wrap because the final anchor stich behind the wrap had to stay because it was consealed by scar tissue from the first operation and he said it was too close to the back vagus nerve and didn;t want to risk injury. ……..  I’m now having stomach and bowel problems. My symptoms are: My stomach has general pain everyday. When I eat my stomach now gets sore and bloated. I have dialy episodes of diarehha, and I now feel like I have GERD, as I have some of the typically symptoms I hear about like the burning stomach, acidic taste in mouth etc.. So my question is concerning the surgical procedure for both the fundo and reversal.Read More
  • Reversal of the Wrap and Feeling Great – “There is hope if you have post-surgery pain and bloating from a Nissen Fundoplication. I had a nissen done in June 2000. The years following the surgery were filled with pain, bloating, gas, and symptoms of IBS. I couldn’t burp or vomit. Like many others, I was never told that this could be an outcome of the nissen.  I went to different GI specialists and asked them what I could do about these symptoms. Three of them told me I’d just have to live with it. I was not prepared to accept that answer. Finally, the fourth specialist said that there were things that we could try. We tried diet changes, lifestyle changes, and stretching the wrap with a scope- dilation procedure. Nothing helped at all. We decided that I only had one option left, to reverse the nissen and take down the wrap or live with the pain. I decided to take down the wrap…….The first time I burped after the surgery I was in my hospital room trying to recover. I must have woken up the entire floor I was on. I just couldn’t stop telling God “Thank you”. I think I was actually shouting. (Narcotics can make things a bit hazy.) Anyway, I feel so great!!

Of course, I can’t give you medical advice concerning your condition nor can I advocate nissen reversal for everyone, but if your specialist is telling you to grin and bear it, just remember that you have another option. Only you know if your pain is bad enough after the surgery to have it reversed. I just wanted to let everyone know that there is hope and the reversal can work!”  read full post

  •  Take Down / Reverse – HELP!!  This persons needs help and feedback from anyone having the Nissen Fundo taken down.  When I figure this all out I will forward her the information.  Best wishes.
  • Nissen Reversal question for a Dr. who is familiar with the reversal but few people have them reversed.
  • Question asked to a Dr.  “After a nissen fundoplication take down should the normal esophageal motility prior to surgery return?
  • A great forum about Problems Following Nissen Fundoplication Surgery.
  • Nissen Undone – Partial Wrap
  • Nissen Reversal Post from a forum:I have read of 5 people on various forums that have had reversals done. I have tried to contact them all but they are old posts and aren’t active on the sites anymore so it’s hard to know how they are doing long term. Of the 5 that had reversals done 3 were doing better from having the reversal, 1 had the reflux return but still felt better than having the wrap and the other 2 didn’t have any reflux at the time of their last posts ( again don’t know about long term though ). Of the other 2 cases I have come across, one had a full 360 taken down to a partial then eventually undone completely over a 1 1/2 to 2 years. He was complaining that he still could not burp properly and it felt as if he still had a wrap in place. He also said that he was getting reflux symptoms worse than before having the first operation but it was still very early after his op, I think a matter of weeks so things were probably still swollen trying to heal – I don’t know how things turned out for him as he stopped posting very early on.  The last person I was able to contact. She had reflux for about 7 years before having fundoplication surgery. She had the wrap for about 5 years, started developing severe bloating, discomfort, problems swallowing about 5 months after having the surgery. ” Read More
  • Op Report for a Laparoscopic reversal of Nissen fundoplication
  • When Fundoplication Fails“Revisional surgery (redo fundoplication) is offered to patients who have persistent, recurrent, or new foregut symptoms (heartburn, dysphagia, chest pain, regurgitation, asthma, hoarseness, chronic cough, or laryngitis) and confirmed physiologic abnormalities or a definable anatomic defect. Potential candidates for redo fundoplication are evaluated for anatomic and physiologic evidence of failure by selective use of barium swallow, upper endoscopy, esophageal motility, esophageal pH testing, and gastric emptying study.”  Read More
  • Healing Well Website Discussion on Nissen Fundo Reversal – 2 out of 1,000 procedures resulted in a reversal requests.  This website just shows how rare it is to have horrible terrible negative side affects to the Fundo Surgery – however  of the ones that are suffering it is very extreme and the support from health care professionals is just terrible.