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Consumer Products for GP

This is a list of some Commercial Consumer Products that state they are Natural Solutions for GP.  We have not tried them but are providing some information on them.

This chart is from the Towards Natural Health Organization Website:

Commercial Name of the Product
The Company or Institute that Makes the Product
Official Product Website
Gordon’s Herbal Research Center (New Zealand)
Solutions by Nature (Denmark)
Healing Plants Ltd (Australia)

This Site gives a good GP Product overview:


This is the best performing product in our view for Gastroparesis.
see more
Perteton came a very close second in our review. Though it might be placed in the first slot if evidence gets too compelling. see more

A fine product with many advantages. The third position was hard to justify. Another close contest! see more

Due to some failure or incomplete results we had to put Segratax at no.4. see more

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