What is GP

GP is short for Gastroparesis. GP is a chronic debilitating life-changing, life-long condition for which there is no cure. Gastroparesis literally means that the stomach is paralyzed.  There are different degrees of this motility disorder and various other conditions that can be associated with it such as IBS, CIP,  Celiac Disease and a slew of other horrible stomach conditions.  The main cause of GP listed in order are 1) Diabetes, 2) Fundoplication Surgery (nissan wrap) and 3) a whole list of reasons including idiopathic – meaning no known reasons.  There are only treatments, diets and medications for this condition but none of which cures it.  **

A paralyzed stomach means food does not get processed correctly – thus resulting in a slew of medical problems from wasting syndrome, dumping syndrome, gas bloating syndrome, diabetes, low blood sugar (nesioblasitosis), Endocrine Defecincy, Malnutrition and even death.  My husband has all of the conditions now as a result of GP (except for the last one – he’s a fighter).  After his Surgeries (back in 2009) he quickly wasted away from 220 lbs to around 118 lbs.  His legs were so small and frail looking.  I cried in the bathroom quietly on a daily basis and prayed that he would survive.  Three months after surgery it was recommended that he have a feeding tube put in.  He didn’t want that option so after a year of hell he slowly was able to make some gains in his weight.  Four years later and he was on 13 prescriptions for this condition which all had miserable side affects.  The diets didn’t do much help in being able to eat and digest food which is important for survival.  The GP diets are specific to those that only suffer GP and not Diabetes, Nesioblasitosis and all of the other medical conditions he has now as a result of living with GP.

It’s now been five years since his surgeries and being diagnosed with GP.  Together we have invented some recipes and supplemental formula that seems to do the most good.  Getting off some of the Prescriptions also help with motility (a little bit).  It is ironic that the medications to treat the pain of GP can also hinder the ability for a paralyzed stomach to become mobile again.

From my online research and visiting many forums over the last three years of survivors of GP it is clear to me that people who get GP as a result of the Fundoplication Surgery are in a unique category of their own.  For many patients of GP resulting from other conditions/reasons other than Fundoplication Surgery, living with GP is still no fun but many of them find relief in prescriptions, treatments and dietary changes.  If your stomach is paralyzed from Fundoplication Surgery (damage to the vagus nerve) then there is little that will help and living life as you once did is a challenge.   The special diets and nutritional changes that people with GP have to make do help some patients but doesn’t seem to for the person suffering with this condition as a result from surgery.  NOTHING and I mean nothing at all can be eaten or drank by my husband without making him horribly ill.  Even to this day that still stands true and we continue to look for a cure!

It’s time now to find a cure and stay strong for the person you love with GP!


** I am not a Doctor.  The information on this site is just my opinion and you should be seeing a qualified health care provider for GP.