Why this site?

Hi, my name is Leesa and my husband has Gastroparesis as a result of a da Vinci surgery gone wrong (Nissen Fundoplication Wrap for a  Hiatal Hernia).  I have spent countless sleepless nights and entire days alone while my husband suffers in bed.  GP is a chronic debilitating life-changing, life-long condition for which there is no cure.  My alone time has been spent researching this disease – finding lots of info. on it but hardly nothing on support for someone who is a care giver.  I finally decided to do something about that and start this blog.  I hope this site will help other caregivers like myself.

The challenge for someone with Gastroparesis (GP) is life long and can be very difficult.  The journey for those who love someone with GP is unique and there isn’t enough support for it.  My intention for this website is to help find a cure for my husband but also help all of those that love someone with GP to stay strong.